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In Loving Memory of

Jonathan Gregory Brandis

April 13, 1976 - November 12, 2003
Thank you for visiting this tribute/ memorial site for Jonathan Brandis and his fans, friends, and family that love and miss him. This site is here to help continue Jon's legacy, to keep his memory alive, where new fans can learn more about the wonderful, gifted actor, and beautiful person that Jon was.

About Jonathan Gregory Brandis

Jon finger painting
Actor. Director. Writer. Jonathan Brandis was a talented individual who graced the world with his presence for 27 years before tragically ending his life.

Born in Danbury Connecticut, on April 13th 1976 to Mary and Gregory Brandis, Jonathan began his career at the age of four, quickly moving onto commercials and television roles before landing his first big role at the age of six as Kevin Buchanan on One Life to Live. When Jonathan was nine, his family moved to Los Angeles to support his career. He guest starred on many popular shows including L.A. Law, Who’s the Boss?, Murder She Wrote, The Wonder Years, Full House. During this time Jonathan also began appear in movies including a supporting role in The Stepfather II.

Jon in The Neverending Story II
In 1990, at the age of fourteen Jonathan landing the starring role in The Neverending Story II as Bastian Bux as well as the role of the young “Stuttering Bill" Denbrough in Stephen King’s IT. Jonathan’s career began to accelerate with many appearances on popular television shows. In 1992, Jonathan landed two amazing roles with the film Ladybugs costarring Hollywood legend Rodney Dangerfield and the movie Sidekicks which also starred the infamous Chuck Norris.

Jon wearing seaQuest cap
The next year Jonathan landed what would be one of his most memorable roles, that of computer genius Lucas Wolenczak on the television series seaQuest DSV (later seaQuest 2032). At this point Jonathan was a household name with every teenage girl. He received 4000 fan letters a week and needed security guards to escort him on and off the seaQuest set. With the cancelation of seaQuest in 1996, Jonathan’s career saw a downward spike. Jonathan had some success with TV movies such as Born Free: A New Adventure, and Two Came Back however his career was derailed for several years, returning with the starring role in The Year That Trembled. The Year That Trembled was well received, however as an independent film it did not bring Jonathan back up to the level of fame he had experienced during seaQuest. Jonathan completed work on a few more films, several of which were released posthumously – including Puerto Vallarta Squeeze, a film which is credited by many fans as being one of his greatest performances.
Jonathan ended his life close to midnight on November 11. 2003. Sadly, Jonathan died in the early hours of November 12th from injuries sustained in an attempt to hang himself. Jonathan was cremated as to his family’s wishes.
Pictures of Jon outside a club

April 3, 2014 TBT. Brandis & I hanging at his place in '03. Miss you JB - Scott Michael Campbell
© 2014 Scott Michael Campbell

Jon Brandis and Scott Michael Campbell
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Basic Facts

Full name: Jonathan Gregory Brandis
Nickname: Jon, J-Man, Brando
Career: American actor, director, and screenwriter
Height: 5'9"
Weight: 160 lbs.
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Blond
Parents: Greg and Mary Brandis
Birthday: April 13, 1976
DOD: November 12, 2003

A short clip of Jon portraying the character, Neil Weatherford, in the film Puerto Vallarta Squeeze.

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